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Morgan Silver Dollars
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Rare Coins Morgan Silver Dollars
1878-P 1878-S 1878-CC 1879-P 1879-O 1879-S 1879-CC
1880-P 1880-O 1880-S 1880-CC 1881-P 1881-O 1881-S
1881-CC 1882-P 1882-O 1882-S 1882-CC 1883-P 1883-O
1883-S 1883-CC 1884-P 1884-O 1884-S 1884-CC 1885-P
1885-O 1885-S 1885-CC 1886-P 1886-O 1886-S 1887-P
1887-O 1887-S 1888-P 1888-O 1888-S 1889-P 1889-O
1889-S 1889-CC 1890-P 1890-O 1890-S 1890-CC 1891-P
1891-O 1891-S 1891-CC 1892-P 1892-O 1892-S 1892-CC
1893-P 1893-O 1893-S 1893-CC 1894-P 1894-O 1894-S
1895-P 1895-O 1895-S 1896-P 1896-O 1896-S 1897-P
1897-O 1897-S 1898-P 1898-O 1898-S 1899-P 1899-O
1899-S 1900-P 1900-O 1900-S 1901-P 1901-O 1901-S
1902-P 1902-O 1902-S 1903-P 1903-O 1903-S 1904-P
1904-O 1904-S 1921-P 1921-D 1921-S Key Morgans iconSemi Key Dates

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Morgan Silver Dollars "King of Collector Coins"

The dollar's story is a Cinderella tale: Until the 1960s, it was largely ignored by the public. Since then, it has gradually become among the most widely pursued and desired of all U. S. coins. Although many collectors find the challenge of assembling a complete date and mintmark set in Mint State compelling, others satisfy themselves with collecting just one coin per year's obverse features a left-facing portrait of Miss Liberty. The reverse depicts an skinny eagle which led some to vilify the coin as a "buzzard dollar." The designer's initial M appears on both sides a first. It's on the truncation of Liberty's neck and on the ribbon's left loop on the reverse. Mintmarks (O, S, D, and CC) are found below the wreath on the reverse. Points to check for wear are the hair above Liberty's eye and ear, the high upper fold of her cap and the crest of the eagle's breast.
Few coins in U.S. history have been greeted with more indifference at the time of their release than this silver dollar. Few, if any, stimulate such passionate excitement among collectors.

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